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Announcement - 7/14/2014:
We are retiring!

We have both been involved with Arabians for many years before we were married, Ken is 86 yrs. old and I am 74 years old. Ken has had Arabians for 55 years, I had a part Arab mare when I was a teenager and we have been married and raising Arabians for 39 years.

We have been richly blessed thru breeding and raising these incredible horse's, experiencing the many gifts of the Arabian horse as a breeder having bred Regional, Scottsdale and National winners. We have met wonderful people and gained treasured friends, thru people who believed in our program and became a part of it.

It's hard to express how grateful we are for living our passion with these magnificent Arabian horse's. We will live with our treasured memories.

~ Charlene and Ken Robinson


All horses are offered for sale and we look forward to seeing others move forward with our breeding program. Please contact us with any offers.


Sweet Home Arabians was established in Olalla, Washington with the love and passion of the Arabian Horse in 1975, moving to and operating in Olympia, Washington since 1977.

Sweet Home Arabians' standard has always been that of “Breeding for High IQ, Investment & Quality”.

Both Ken & Charlene had become involved with Arabian bred horses years before they knew each other in the 1950's. They married in 1975, then establishing Sweet Home Arabians. We owned and stood stallions beginning with Baskfibia (*Bask x *Amfbia) producing *Bask-bred horses selected for the infamous Lasma Arabian Sales, as well as Eagle Na (*Elkin X *Elzunia) and DWD Tabasco (Traditio x Bask Vienna) who was later exported to Europe.

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